Euro Fresh Foods is not just a proactive distribution partner on paper. You can also come to us for your practical logistics needs. We operate from our own logistics hub in the heart of Belgium (Diest), the ideal base to serve the Benelux, France and other large parts of Europe. In doing so, we naturally take into account the stringent requirements imposed by retailers and food services, for example in terms of temperature and storage.

Thanks to our in-house logistics processes, we can make flexible adjustments depending on seasons, peak periods (think extended weekends) and last-minute requests, for example.
What we are proud of? The particularly smooth interaction between ‘the office’ and ‘the fridge’. Our employees as well as our processes are perfectly coordinated, which benefits our ‘zero waste’ ambitions .

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“From our own warehouse in Molenstede, we see dozens of trucks coming and going almost every day. This requires meticulous organisation. The best feedback we get from our logistics staff? That they feel 100 per cent backed in their tasks by all colleagues.”


Willy Sauwens

Operations Manager

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