It is true, 99% of European companies shout from the rooftops that they deliver quality work. However, we in fact want to prove it in practice.

Buying and selling fresh produce and dairy products involves a load of administration. First of all, our Customer Service staff strictly monitors the orderly and efficient running of administrative processes. For Euro Fresh Foods, administrative work is not just ‘part of the job’, but an important part of quality service.

Our hobbyhorse? A state-of-the-art ERP package that contains all the elements needed to guarantee a quality service: invoicing, budgeting, balance sheet accounts, stocks, expiry dates, trends, etc. This management system feeds itself with all relevant data and reduces the margin of error to virtually zero. Thanks to this system, we rarely if ever struggle with out-of-stocks nor over-stocks. Especially for products with a limited shelf life, this provides a big advantage.



What is an accurate administration worth when the rollout does not appear to follow through? So, in addition to efficient administration, we also strictly monitor the quality of the supply chain and logistics processes. For example, Euro Fresh Foods carries out strict quality controls on delivery times, quantities and legal-technical requirements. Just think of CCP checks (high food safety risk) or measurements for the purpose of IFS certification (food safety standard).


Zero waste

Finally, we have ambitious ‘Zero waste’ targets and want to reduce waste where possible. At Euro Fresh Foods, we believe it is worth fighting for every pot. On the one hand, we owe it to Mother Earth; on the other hand, reducing surpluses also brings financial and operational benefits for producers, retailers and food services alike.

“Whether I sometimes feel like I’m a policeman? Not really. Our quality audits seem strict, but every audit serves a higher purpose: to pursue the highest-quality management processes and leave as little surplus as possible.”

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Sander Van de Water

Quality Manager

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